Books by Mark Sooy

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"Essays on Martin Luther's Theology of Music" explores the interesting and intriguing world of Luther's thought about music and its place in the life of the church. From its biblical foundation beginning with the creation story to its comfort and joy in the life of the Christian, Luther recognizes music as a true gift from the hand of God.

"The Life of Worship:  Rethink, Reform, Renew" builds a holistic approach to worship. The modern discussion about what is called “worship” tends to focus quite narrowly on only one aspect of the larger picture of worship – that of corporate worship. This book fills the gap this narrow focus leaves and expands the discussion to demonstrate the breadth of life that worship is to include.

"Lessons in the Silence of God" considers the silence sometimes experienced by God’s people. By exploring the range of emotions and feelings one might encounter as God remains silent, we can discover how common it is and what we might learn from it.


Articles by Mark Sooy

"Hearing Biblical Worldview"   explains how we can "hear" the ideas of Biblical Worldview in music.