Mark & Elisabeth Sooy


Mark & Elisabeth Sooy
Music and Lyrics Mark Sooy


Verse 1

Nancy, don’t you know you’re accountable?
Nancy, why don’t you look to the Bible?

You see, in Romans 1 we come to discern
That all men know of God
And in Psalm 139 we can easily find
That all men should come to learn -- that

Verse 2

Nancy, His works are wonderful!
Oh Nancy, don’t you know that it’s
            You and me
            Who are fearfully,
            And wonderfully,
            And skillfully made
By Him.

Verse 3

Well, now you know, Nancy.  Can you come to see it?
Oh Nancy, can you come to believe it?

Jesus died so that we might live
And to take away our sin.
He was in a grave.
But now I can say that
He is alive again!

Verse 4

Oh Nancy, you know I believe it.
Oh Nancy, you know, I’ve received it.

And as my life goes by
And I finally die
And I go to see Adonai
Well, what about you?
Will I see you, too?
Are you going to live in the sky?

Oh Nancy, are you going to Heaven?
Oh Nancy, will I see you in Heaven?