Mark & Elisabeth Sooy

Mark & Elisabeth

Mark and Elisabeth are often found leading worship and music together for churches, parties and special events.  Their children often join them to form the "Sooy Family Band" and enjoy performing all kinds of music including classical, rock, jazz and bluegrass.  More info about them as individuals is below:


Elisabeth Sooy is a gifted musician and pianist. Her performance is filled with thoughtfulness and emotion, and many listeners have commented that they are "transported" as she plays. Her experience includes worship leading, music teaching, conducting, performing with orchestras, as well as many solo opportunities.

Elisabeth has released several recordings.  This includes a refreshing album of hymns titled Signature Hymns featuring many favorites.  In the same vein, her Christmas Hymns are simple arrangements of holiday favorites to enjoy for the season.  Elisabeth was also joined by her husband, Mark, for their full-featured recording titled Not Givin’ Up.

Having been involved in the life of the church since childhood, Elisabeth’s deepest desire is to share her gifts with others and allow God to draw them nearer through the music.  Whether playing piano or violin, singing or conducting, she offers her best with joy and energy.  Often joined by her family – husband Mark, and three children – the prayer of her heart is that God would be honored as they serve Him with their musical gifts.


Mark Sooy is an author, pastor, teacher, theologian, worship leader and musician. His experience has led him through opportunities in pastoral church ministry, Bible college instruction, worship leading, authoring, conference speaking and leading, private music instruction and other forms of Christian service.

Along with consulting churches and Christian organizations in a variety of ways, Mark also teaches professionally and privately.  He serves as an Adjunct Professor for Cornerstone University’s Professional and Graduate Studies program for adult learners, as well as the Adult and Online Learning program for Grace Bible College.  He teaches private music lessons; teaches a Homeschool co-op for elementary children; and is often asked to give lectures or studies on Worship, Christian Worldview, and other Biblical themes.

Mark holds a Bachelor of Theology degree with an emphasis in Pastoral Studies from Grace Bible College (with majors in Bible, Theology and Music), as well as a Master of Arts in Historical Theology from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary of Cornerstone University. Both institutions are located in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Mark graduated with Honors from both, and received awards for excellence in Biblical Studies in each setting.

He is also a commissioned graduate of the Centurions Program. The Centurions are individuals who have been trained by Charles Colson (of Prison Fellowship and Breakpoint) and other leading Christian thinkers to declare and defend the Truth of the Christian Worldview.  He is involved in the leadership of the first satellite Centurions program based in Michigan.

As an offshoot of his involvement with the Centurions Program, Mark is a Researcher and Writer for the Colson Center for Christian Worldview (  Specifically, he is responsible for the content covering Worship and the Arts for the Worldview Church (, which target ministry leaders helping them to think and teach through the lens of a Christian Worldview.

Mark’s published work includes articles for periodical publications, devotionals, as well as three books:

Essays on Martin Luther’s Theology of Music;

The Life of Worship: Rethink, Reform, Renew; and,

Lessons in the Silence of God

Mark and his wife, Elisabeth, currently reside in West Michigan with their three children.  He and Elisabeth (a talented musician) are often found leading worship and ministering together in churches in the West Michigan area.  Their children, also musically talented, join together with their parents to form the “Sooy Family Band.”  Together they have performed in churches, for parties, and other social gatherings.